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a manifestation of my dreams ..

i just can't forget the things that happened ,
i will NEVER forget this one special person
i still don't understand why you had to go ?
i know that no one will ever understand how much this one day changed everything, my feelings, my whole life...
in the last few weeks i lost nearly everything
but i also found people i can REALLY trust in , who are not so damn FAKE...
and everytime when i reach this point of having no hope there's someone to lift me up , and i'm so glad to see there are people who really care
it makes me simply cry to think about the past and how it changed everything for me , i know i could be happy now but i can't go back in time and change anything , though it wasn't my mistake this time...
even when i laugh it doesn't make me happy anymore, i just can't forget my past , the day when i lost everyhting.
in the last weeks i found out who i can really trust in and who i can talk to, who's fake and who's not and i'm thankful.
i hope you know i'm talking about you.
thanks for everything.
and i hope you know , that i will never let you go.
10.9.07 18:41

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